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Silver Line Water Damage Restoration in San Rafael

As San Rafael’s leading expert in home restoration for water damage, mold inspection, sewage removal, and fire and smoke damages, Silver Line Restoration is dedicated to providing residents like you with the best in restoration.

We at Silver Line Restoration are a team of dedicated professionals who are skilled and trained in all the science and art of home restoration. This includes all of the services listed below and more, as there are many aspects to home restoration. San Rafael homes are well protected when you have a certified, licensed, and bonded company like Silver Line Restoration working for them. Each technician that provides our services has with him all the equipment and tools as well as all the education needed to do the job credibly and efficiently. You’ll receive nothing but the best when you call Silver Line Restoration in San Rafael.

Water Damage Restoration and Similar Services

One of the most common problems that homes face is water damage. We provide water damage restoration by inspecting the property thoroughly, ensuring that there is no presence of moisture. We will dehumidify the house to ensure that all moisture is removed, preventing the risk of additional damages. We take care of water in the floors, walls, ceiling, basement, attic, and wherever it is that it doesn’t belong. Not only will your home look better after we’ve cleared the area but it’ll remain structurally strong due to our efforts to contain the damages that can result from excess water.

Mold Removal

Sometimes water or moisture is left unchecked or collects in out-of-sight places. Here lies the risk of mold, which can eat away at wood, insulation, and other substances in your home. Additionally, the presence of mold in your home can cause respiratory illnesses and other such problems. We are your San Rafael experts in mold testing and removal. We’ll inspect, detect, identify, remove, clean, sanitize, and re-inspect to make sure that we’ve done the job properly and all mold is gone from your home.

Additional Services

In addition to the above main services, you can also call Silver Line Restoration for fire and smoke damage. Call us for any home restoration need and you’ll find us eager to help you resolve the situation you’re dealing with.