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Sewage cleanup and Disinfection

Sewage problem usually exist in an unexpected day. Some homeowners in San Rafael would face this kind of problem because of weather conditions, pump failure or an overflowed toilet and sink. This can be a threat at home, especially when you are living with children. It can be a cause for accidents or a health problem that can be complicated if not treated. This is why you have to call Silver Line Restoration for a sewage cleanup. Removing the sewage water has been our expertise for years and we know how to clean it in a proper and healthy way. So do not hesitate to call as we ensure to give you the best services possible.

24 hour Emergency Services

Sewage backup is considered an emergency problem because it is full of bacteria, viruses and microbes that can possibly cause serious illnesses. There is also a greater chance that the clean water might be contaminated with sewage especially when not treated right away. Good thing our company, Silver Line Restoration provides 24 hour emergency services for cleaning, restoring and disinfecting your sewage. We have plenty of professionals who have undergone specialized training and equipment handling to ensure that your home is free from contaminated water. These individuals will assess before and after the sewage cleanup; plus they conduct several tests to determine the level of cleanliness that they made for your home.

Excellent and Efficient Sewage Cleanup

We are committed in providing excellent services for sewage cleanup and other water restoration demands. It is part of our mission to ensure that all homeowners in San Rafael have a clean and bacteria free homes at all times. We believe that a home free from molds and other dangerous microorganisms can give peace of mind to individuals living on it. Thus, we keep our professional technicians equipped with the latest techniques, skills and knowledge about water restoration. We also ensure that our customers are satisfied with the money they spent for us. We have been receiving positive feedbacks over the years and we continue to give our 100% in sewage cleanup.

Call us for a quotation

If you want your sewage cleaned with an expert, call us at Silver Line Restoration. We will be glad to serve you in San Rafael, especially if it is an emergent need. We give fixed prices on our quotations so rest assured there will be no hidden charges attached.