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Storms bring with them gale force winds, plenty of rainfall and most times also bursts of frequent lightening. All of these phenomenon are potential havoc instigators. As veterans in the field of restoration we at Silver Line Restoration have “seen it all” with regards to storm damage in San Rafael. We have gathered for you some useful info about the typical damage storms reek (at least so far as buildings are concerned, homes in particular).

A Little About Storms

Severe storms have different names in different regions of the world, they may be referred to as “tropical storms”, “hurricanes”, “typhoons” and other such names. Despite the different names all storms are essentially the same, they occur when a bulk of low pressure “air” (or atmospheric gasses to be exact) collides with a bulk of high pressure air. Air from the high pressure system begins to flow into the low pressure system creating strong winds (the direction of the wind changes according to which hemisphere the storm occurs in and in which region of the storm you are at). Apart from the winds high volumes of moisture are released from rapidly cooling air thus forming storm clouds which in turn pour down heavy rains.

Typical Storm Damage

The most typical damage a storm may inflict on your home has to do with water reaching areas which should be kept dry, in severe cases such water may even accumulate causing actual flooding (especially in basements). The strong winds may tear away things not firmly enough in place (signs, roof tiles, tree branches etc.) such debris may strike at walls or roofs and cause “gashes” through which water can then enter.
Apart from the damages described above there may be, in certain circumstances, a danger of fires being caused by lightening.

Storm Damage Restoration

The typical storm damages described dictate the type of restoration work companies such as Silver Line Restoration are called in to do following a severe storm. In most cases the main issue is dealing with water damage, draining water that had accumulated indoors, thorough drying, eliminating danger of mold infestation and removing such infestations if they had already set in. Structural damage may also need to be corrected, replacing damaged dry wall for instance.

Preparing your Home In Advance

There is a lot you can do to minimize the danger of your home suffering storm damage. For instance, if you make sure that all external doors and windows are water proof as well as extra sturdy there is little chance of water entering your home through these “weak spots”.