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Water Damage Restoration Service

When a flood occurs or a pipe bursts, the home can experience significant amounts of water damage. A burst pipe may go unnoticed until the basement is completely flooded with water. You could be at work all day and then return home to find an inch or two of water on the floor of your house. However it happens, flooding is a risk to your home’s security and safety and it should be taken care of immediately by a home restoration professional like Silver Line Restoration. We at Silver Line Restoration provide San Rafael water damage restoration to residents like you who have suffered potential water damage within the home.

Immediate Action

What you as a homeowner or renter may not realize is that water damage can happen very quickly, and it can become quite extensive. You may think you’re fine because you mopped it up, but little do you realize there is still moisture deep down within the carpet and it is damaging the carpet pad and floor beneath it. Or you may not realize that the wall itself got wet and moisture crept within the wall, ruining in the insulation and causing mold to grow. You may not realize the potential damages from water in your home – but we do. And that is why we at Silver Line Restoration are good at what we do. We know the significance of arriving right away to resolve the issues before they cause permanent damages. We are here to offer water damage restoration service for you.

Professional Help

With professional hands taking care of your home restoration, you do not have to worry over whether or not you’ve handled the situation well. We are professionals in this business for a reason, and we have done this kind of thing many times. Silver Line Restoration has built up a reputation for knowing what to do in every kind of home restoration emergency. When water damage is a risk, and you call us, you’re calling a company that knows how to stop that damage before it becomes permanent and who will be able to restore your home to its pre-flood condition. We’ll bring in industrial equipment to remove all signs of moisture and repair or replace any damaged parts of your home. You’ll be able to rest assured that your home is in good hands with our professional water damage restoration service.